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We are seeing a definite, sustained growth in the demand for gluten free foods. This trend first appeared some years ago but this time it seems like it's here to stay.

Of course the number of people with an actual gluten allergy (Coeliac) has not increased. There are a growing number of consumers making a conscious decision to reduce or eliminate products containing gluten from their diet.

There are various theories why, one thing for sure is that if this group of consumers has to compromise too much on the eating experience by going ‘gluten free', they will slowly but surely move back to the gluten containing version. I suppose the fear is they will just purchase less and eat something else. So, the big question for companies producing products containing gluten is:

Can we formulate gluten out of products with ease? Or do we need to make a credible gluten free alternative. On both counts we can help with our ingredients. 

Below is some brief information on this along with a gluten free recipe we recently tried and loved! Later in the year we are sponsoring and speaking at the Camden and Chorleywood (CCFRA) Gluten Free conference, where we will be showcasing our gluten free ingredients in application.

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Binders and emulsifiers
Clean label starches
Fat replacers
Succulence enhancers
Phosphate removal
Allergen free glazes
Flax oils
Egg replacers
  Naturally gluten free without compromise
  Over a decade of experience
  Extracted from nature - Extracted from a variety of non-GM crops including tapioca and maize and amazingly wheat. We have a wide range of highly functional naturally gluten free ingredients.  

Enhanced texture - Our technical team will use individual or a combination of our ingredients to give your customers the eating experience they desire.

  Easy to use - Our range of clean label starches are easy to incorporate into existing recipe formulations, making it simple for food producers to remove allergens without the need for often costly and drawn out reformulation projects.  
  Dough perfection - Baked goods benefit from lighter, moister textures with our gluten free starches and fibres  
  Not just for bakery - Our ingredients are also relevant for ready-made sauces and premixes, where many manufacturers use wheat based thickeners.  

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‘The easiest, tastiest flan base - and its gluten free!'

Our simple gluten free fangimpane-style tart receipe will blow you away. The recipe is quick and simple and is perfect for impressing dinner guests.

Easy to make and delicious!

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