• What is Complex?
    A range of functional binders and emulsifiers.

    Originally developed specifically for the processed meat industry, Complex™ ingredients are highly functional wheat proteins suitable for formed meats as well as vegetarian products.

    Complex™ clean label ingredients:
    • Carries a clean label ingredient declaration
    • Dry addition, easy to disperse
    • Less flavour masking than other binders
    • GM and phosphate free guaranteed
    • Gives the precise desired texture
  • How can I benefit?
    • Delivers tasty, juicy products
    • Helps to create a more appealing product
    • No pre-processing required
    • Economic in use
    • Improved product flavours
    • Remove allergens from the label
    • Improved shape retention
    • Increased yields mean improved profits
    • Enhanced finished appearance
  • Which applications?
    • Sausages
    • Burgers
    • Reformed meats
    • Nuggets
    • Pate
    • Kebabs
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