• What is Ovaprox?
    The clean label egg replacer

    Ovaprox™ is highly functional and can replace dried and whole egg. Derived from wheat this clean label ingredient can be declared as wheat flour

    Ovaprox™ clean label egg replacer:
    • Carries a clean label ingredient declaration
    • Available as a dry powder
    • Able to suit various processing capabilities
    • Stored in ambient conditions
    • Micro-stable
    • Does not need to be pre-hydrated
  • How can I benefit?
    • Large potential cost savings
    • Enables consistent pricing
    • Saturated fat reduction
    • Increased crumb strength
    • Improved mouth-feel
    • Simple reformulation
  • Which application?
    • Cakes
    • Muffins
    • Premixes
    • Concentrates
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