• What is Scilia?
    A variety of functional and nutritional fibres.

    The Scilia™ range of fibres complements the company’s clean label starches and flours by delivering new texture and flavour opportunities.

    Scilia™ clean label fibres:
    • Carries a clean label ingredient declaration
    • Enhance texture
    • Delivers a clean label stabiliser system
    • GM free
  • How can I benefit?
    • Fewer development compromises
    • Give new texture possibilities
    • Fibre claims
    • Omega claims
  • Which application?
    • Ready meals
    • Soups and sauces
    • Dips and dressings
    • Seasonings and dry mixes
    • Processed meat and fish
    • Fruit preparations
    • Pie fillings
    • Dairy desserts
    • Cakes, muffins and morning goods
    • Bakery fillings
    • Snacks
    • Batters and coatings
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